Master’s Degree to Ph.D. in One Year

Blue Marble University has been offering its Dissertation-Only Ph.D. for several years. Located in the Commonwealth of Dominica, yet deemed equivalent to regionally accredited US colleges and universities, Blue Marble University serves working adults on 5 continents, from Europe to Africa, from USA to Canada, from Asia to China…we are represented by students from many countries.

The Blue Marble University Dissertation-Only PhD program is totally online. We help students generate a dissertation that can be published, and in fact all of our student dissertations have been published or otherwise disseminated to the general public worldwide.

Our students have created books, research reports, booklets for sale on Amazon, websites, and e-books. All have been published, with our help and guidance.

Although our program is set out for 2 years, students that already have a Master’s Degree can usually complete their project within 1 year. Some applicants may already have an outline in their minds. For applicants with a Masters Degree, we transfer all credits over to our Transcript as an additional positive basis for the award of a PhD. The Blue Marble University Dissertation-only PhD, also known as PhD by Dissertation, is the most suitable for students that already have a Master’s Degree, or even for those that have completed their doctoral courses but could not complete a dissertation.

Which is why we say: “We have the cure for failed dissertations”. And our philosophy is not to keep you here toiling away on a thesis for years, but rather to help you complete a nice paper or project, and get you out of here with your PhD! At Blue Marble University, we are not looking for 100-200 pages of dissertation that no one will ever see. But, rather, we are looking for you to put together a nice 20 page paper that can be published. Research and trade journals do not want to publish 100 pages of anything. Of course, a book is a different matter.

We always remind people that if Einstein could write the “Theory of Relativity” on a napkin, why is it that dissertations have to be so long?

Since our PhD by dissertation program does not have any courses, you may start any time of the year, following acceptance and payment of tuition.

The program is described here:

And please be sure to review the required Supplement which is outlined Here although we do not use outside examiners anymore:

The Blue Marble University Dissertation-Only Ph.D. is a terrific way to round out your existing education.

Blue Marble University
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