Give Me Exosomes

February 2023

Online Pharmaceutical PhD degree emphasizes stem cell therapeutics.

Blue Marble University announces a new course for its 3 year online pharmaceutical Ph.D. degree entitled: “Give Me Exosomes”. 

The course is included in all four of the Blue Marble University online Pharmaceutical Degrees:

Pharmaceutical Science Ph.D.

Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Ph.D.

Pharmaceutical Engineering Ph.D.

Pharmaceutical Clinical Research Ph.D.

Director Walter P. Drake stated that the programs were now emphasizing stem cell therapeutics due to advances in the field and due to major research and development initiatives ongoing by the pharmaceutical industry. With so many new avenues opening up for profitable biologics and supporting equipment and testing kits, it is important that our students understand this new field of medicine.

The two courses have recently added to the Pharmaceutical Science PhD degree programs are:

Growth Media, Growth Factors, and the Paired Mice Experiment. More and more of pharmaceutical science research and development is centered on biologics, and more specifically, stem cell biologics. Biologics include not only the stem cells themselves, but the related extracellular vesicles, cytokines, growth factors, and exosomes. This course presents a review of growth media for purposes of expansion of a patient’s collected stem cells, including with the use of autologous serum. The importance and identity of stem cell growth factors is presented in context to the very important paired-mice experiment. The course includes a discussion of exogenous growth stimulants such as Neupogen (filgrastim), and concludes with an introduction to exosomes. 

Give Me Exosomes-The Rise of Birth Tissues. Over the last several years, exosomes, which were hardly ever discussed prior to 2019, have become the new hot topic. Manufacturing large quantities of exosomes will be a big part of pharmaceutical activity for years to come. In this course, the biology, function, and biomedical applications of exosomes and extracellular vesicles is studied with emphasis on applications in stem cell therapy. This very important course expands on the findings of the “paired-mice” experiment to the effect that serum factors and not stem cells are the most important contributing element to achieving, boosting, and stimulating the body’s own natural repair mechanisms toward the control of our most debilitating diseases. And the most important source of exosomes is “birth tissues”: amniotic fluid, placental tissues, umbilical cord blood, and Wharton’s jelly. 

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