The Best Online University for Doctoral Degrees

Blue Marble University should be on the list of
“Best Online Universities for Doctoral Degrees”

We are registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica, and we have been offering online PhD degrees to working adults for over 10 years.  Our earliest program in stem cell biology began in 2005.

Why are we on the best university list?

1. Blue Marble University is very affordable, some might say “cheap”. Our Tuition is only $3450 with payment plan or $3200 payable annually in advance. And that includes all texts and learning resources!

2. The Blue Marble University online PhD programs are very short,  3 years total, and one program, our Dissertation-Only PhD program is only 2 years.

3. Blue Marble University offers a wonderful variety of online doctoral programs which include:

Stem Cell Biology PhD

Applied Biology PhD

Business Management PhD

Chemical Engineering PhD

Petroleum Engineering PhD

Computer Science PhD

Dissertation-Only PhD

Education Technology PhD

Humanities PhD

Doctor of Law JD

Doctor of Medicine MD

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine ND

Online PhD in Pharmaceutical Science PhD

Public Health PhD

4. The Blue Marble University doctoral programs are scholarly, and although we are located overseas, our programs are deemed equivalent to regionally accredited colleges and universities in the US by foreign education evaluators. For example, here is the review by a 30 year old foreign education credentials evaluation service of our most recent PhD graduate, for her PhD in Digital Media and Communications issued December 2, 2020:

“The work at Blue Marble University can be considered in subject matter, level and pursued to a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Digital Media and Communications with emphasis in CyberSecurity granted by an accredited University in the United States”

5. So, attending Blue Marble University is just as good as attending a US accredited college. Why spend a fortune on tuition when good quality PhD programs only cost $3200/year and that includes all texts and learning resources?

So, when you are searching for the list of the best online universities, or the best online universities for doctoral programs, we hope you will find Blue Marble University. 

And if you don’t see us, we should have been listed because of the important advantages we told you about here.

Now With Students From Countries On Five Continents

Blue Marble University
We Know Online Education…
And We Do It Well!



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